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Child card Groups

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In a scenario where a single Card is complex and covers a set of activities that need to be completed, you can use a Child card functionality. Child cards are collected inside Child card groups. 

Image 12062

Create a Child card group

Child cards are collected in a Child card group which can be simply added by selecting "+Add new element" and then choosing Child card group item. 

Image 12063

Tip: You can convert entire To do list into a Child card group. In this case a new Child card group will be created with the same name. You can chose a destination board and list where these Child cards will be created. To do items will become Child cards in this group.

Image 12064

Image 12065

Adding Child cards to a Child card group

All Cards added as Child cards will become a Child in relation to the current Card. 

There are 2 ways of adding Child cards:

- By adding new items inside a Card's Child Card group element.

- Using Relations pane - you can switch to the Relations view using a button on the left pane.

Learn more about adding and managing Child cards here.

Image 12066

Collapse Child card group

You can collapse the Child card group just like you can with other Card elements using the following buttonImage 6127.

Image 12067

Change the order of Child cards and Child card groups

You can change the position of Child cards in a Child card group by using Drag&Drop.

Image 12069

You can also move the Child card group between other Card elements using drag&drop.

Image 12068

Progress bar

In case any of Child cards gets completed, you will see a progress bar indicating the progress of completing Child cards within a group.

Image 12070

Removing a Child card group

To remove a Child card group, select Image 6129 and then Remove. All Child cards will be removed as well as their Child relations.

Image 12071

You will be prompted with communicate "Are you sure?" before removing the relation.

Image 12072

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