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KanBo and ServiceNow integration

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KanBo and Service Now integration allow you to automate KanBo actions by building Flows.

ServiceNow is PaaS provider, providing technical management support, such as IT service management, to the IT operations of large corporations, including providing help desk functionality.

Installing the KanBo app

1. Take the XML file with the KanBo app and upload it to the Retrieved update sets. Use import update set from the XML option.

Image 10552

Image 10550

2. Open the update set and select Preview Update set button.

Image 10553

Image 10554

3. Now commit the application.

Image 10555

4. Open the application registry section, choose KanBo and edit the Client ID, Client Secret. Paste your instance address in the field Redirect URL in this format ""

Contact KanBo support for more details.

Image 10556

5. Open Connection&Credential Aliases and open KanBo.Add new connection.

Image 10561

6. Type the name, select KanBo in Credential and in Connection URL paste

Image 10563

7. Go to Credentials and create a new OAuth 2.0 credential.

Type the name, in OAuth Entity Profile find KanBo's default profile. Submit.

Image 10557

8. In the freshly created credentials, get OAuth token.

Image 10558

9. Type your KanBo instance name and select OK. In this step you might be asked for your O365 credentials beforehand if you aren't logged in already.

Image 10559

10. In the next step, Allow access.

Image 10560

11. Now you can run the flows with KanBo application.

Preparing a Flow

1. Create a new Flow:

Image 10443

Select KanBo inside Application field.

Image 10444

Select a Trigger you want and start adding KanBo actions.

Image 10445

Image 10446


User actions

Add user to KanBo

Image 10548

Add user to Board

Image 10468

Add user to Card

Image 10469

Board collection actions

Add board collection

Image 10449

Remove board collection

Image 10457

Add board group

Image 10450

Add Board to Board group

Image 10451

Remove board from board group

Image 10455

Remove board group

Image 10456

Board actions

Add board

Image 10447

Remove board

Image 10458

Close board

Image 10459

Add board chat message

Image 10448

Enable statuses

Image 10460

Disable statuses

Image 10461

Add status

Image 10462

Set status

Image 10463

Rename status

Image 10464

Add list

Image 10465

Rename List

Image 10466

Remove list

Image 10467

Remove user from board

Image 10473

Card actions

Add card

Image 10452

Add comment on card

Image 10475

Add card from template

Image 10453

Archive card

Image 10470

Rename card

Image 10472

Card elements actions

Set due date

Image 10476

Set card date

Image 10477

Set start date

Image 10478

Add todo list

Image 10485

Add todo list item

Image 10486

Edit todo list item

Image 10487

Add note

Image 10479

Edit note

Image 10480

Rename note

Image 10481

Add child relation

Image 10483

Add next-previous relation

Image 10484

Add child card group

Image 10482

Remove user from card

Image 10474

Look up actions

The look up actions contain:

Look up Board Collections

Look up Board groups

Look up Boards

Look up Statuses

Look up Users

Look up Board Users

Look up Cards

Look up Board Templates

Look up Lists

These actions will bring you an ID of board collection, board, user etc. which you can use in other actions.

In this example, you can

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