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Office Online integration with KanBo

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Since Microsoft provides the technology to edit Office documents online (in a browser), you can enable this powerful functionality on Office 365 and in the on-premise version as well.

You can download all files on your computer as well as use Office Online Server functionality,

You can edit any Office document which is added to a Card.

KanBo provides a preview of a document inside the document's miniature.

Image 10597

Click on the three dots button next to a file's name and select an option for editing.

Image 10598

We chose an Excel document to be an example of the editing process, but you can edit all types of Office documents.

Once you click Open in Office Online link, your document will appear. You can edit it in your browser or edit in Excel program on your device.

Editing in Browser will look like as on the following picture. Your options to edit a document will be limited. For a more advanced set of editing options, you will need to choose Edit in Excel.

Image 10599

Both in Edit in Browser and Edit in Excel modes, all changes done and saved in your document will be applied to a version of the document which is uploaded on KanBo.

Image 6930

TIP: You can configure which editing options are enabled while you click on a document. See more here.

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