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Board General Info

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This functionality will allow you to attach most important information about a Board (I.e: it's purpose or goals). 

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Simply hover your cursor over a Board tile and select the information icon. 

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Once you click on the icon of General Board info, you can attach general information about a Board:

• Start date,

• End date, 

• Responsible person, 

• Description.

• Estimated budget (in a chosen currency).

 You will see also when the board was created as well as count members and cards in it. Simply click on any field to add values into it (notice that you must have Owner permissions to a board to be able to edit Board General Info). 

You can also enter Board General Info from a Board.

Simply hit the information icon in settings of a board.

Image 11813

To add information to Board General Info, enter the section and start filling in the values.

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