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Adding cards to MyBoard

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Adding a Card to MyBoard in Card

To connect card to MyBoard click on "Not in MyBoard" button on the top left side of a card.

Now your card will be added to the first list of your MyBoard. You can change that by clicking under "In MyBoard" and choosing the appropiate list.

Image 7553

Adding Card to MyBoard using Quick actions

There is another way to attach a card to MyBoard - by using Quick Actions. Enter a Board's view. Click on the pencil icon next to the name of a Card you would like to add to MyBoard.

Click on button and select Add to MyBoard.

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Image 7555

Once a card is added to your MyBoard, it will be indicated by icon in Board's view.

Image 6150

Image 7556

Add all cards where you were assigned as person responsible or co-worker

 You can add all Cards in which you are working to MyBoard by a single click of a mouse. This functionality will speed up filling your personal board. You can also specify if you wish to add cards in which you are a person responsible or a co-worker – or even both!  Go to MyBoard and select Add my cards button

Image 7557

Now you can select if you wish to add all cards to MyBoard where: - You are a person responsible, - You are a co-worker, - You can also select both options. As a next step, specify a target list which will be one to which all Cards will be added. Click on + Add cards from all boards to confirm this action. 

Image 7558

You can also add cards from a chosen board where you are responsible or co-worker.

Go to MyBoard and select Add my cards button. Now you can select a Board under Select boards to add cards from and click Add from selected boards button.

Image 7559

Rules for automatical adding cards to MyBoard

Now you can set rules for adding Cards to MyBoard. The special settings allow you to enable the possibility of automatically adding cards where you are assigned a person responsible or a coworker. This functionality will enable auto-adding Cards to MyBoard only from the moment in which you enable it. 

Go to the settings in MyBoard and select Cards adding rules. 

Now you can enable automatically adding Cards in which you are a person responsible or a co-worker. 

In the last field, select the target list which is a list to which all cards will be added. 
Now, every time when you get assigned to a Card as a person responsible or a co-worker, this card will be added to a chosen list in MyBoard. 

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