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Card elements

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KanBo Card might contain elements such as Notes, Todo listsSubcard groups and Document groups and Document folders in the right pane.

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Add a new element

To add a new element, click on +Add new element and select the element you would like to add. You can start adding contents and items right away.

Image 12117

Image 12429

Add items to elements

You can add content and items to elements right away. Click on any link to see more regarding adding items.

In Notes it will be a text. You can use richt text and enhance your message.

In Document groups it will be documents.

In Subcard groups it will be subcards.

In Todo lists it will be to do items.

Edit elements

You can click on any element's title to change it.

Image 12119

Change position of elements

You can use Drag&Drop to change order of elements in your card.

Image 12121

Change order of element's items

Some elements contain items and you can change order of them using a Drag&Drop inside element.

In Document groups it will be documents.

In Subcard groups it will beSubcards.

In Todo lists it will be to do items.

Image 12120

Collapse elements

In a scenario when your Card contains too many of such elements or their lists are too long, you can collapse each element by a single click.

Collapsing Settings per card are stored separately for each user since different users can have different focus on the same card.

After such actions, all elements' statistics will be shown to you.

In Notes it will be amount of its characters.

In Document groups it will be a numer of documents and a date of the most recently updated document.

In Subcard groups it will be number of subcards inside it.

In Todo lists it will be number of completed items versus overall number of items.

Please keep in mind that clearing browser's cache or changing a browser will result in disappearing of the

Image 12122

se settings.

Remove items from elements

You can remove single items from your elements.

Simply hover over an item and select more 

Image 6184


Image 12123

Now choose remove. In case of Subcard groups or Document groups the appropriate option will be Detach as these elements do not get removed - they just get detached from a card.

Remove element

To remove an element, simply select the 

Image 6186

button next to element's name and then select Remove.

Image 12124

You will be asked if you are certain about the removal.

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