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Card Blockers

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The card Blocker allows you to Block cards with a specific reason. Create multiple Blockers to make the Blocked reasons explicit and to categorize your problematic work. There will be a new counter that indicates the Blocked cards by you in the order of impact. Impact will be calculated based on the relations and due dates.

Creating Blockers

1. To create a Blocker, go to Settings.

Image 12026

2. Then, select Blockers types.

Image 12388

3. You can create local or on demand Blockers.

On demand Blockers - When this type of Blocker is created, every Board Owner could choose to add it to the boards they manage.

Local - this type Blocker can be added, deleted, edited only by board owner and can be seen only by the Board Owner.

Image 12390

4. Type the name of the Blocker and click on Add.

Image 12391

5. Your Blocker will be now visible with the use count information.

Image 12392

Using Blockers

1. Go to a card. To set a Blocker, enter more button and select Block.

Image 12393

2.  Now you can use a global Blocker. Click on it.

Image 12394

3. Attach a person responsible and a reason for using a Blocker. Now click on Block.

Image 12395

4. Your card will be indicated as Blocked in card's and board's view.

Image 12396

Editing Blockers

1. To edit a Blocker, go to Settings -> Blockers and click on the Blocker you would like to edit.

Image 12397

2. Now change the name and click on save.

Image 12398

Removing Blockers

1. To remove a Blocker, go to Settings -> Blockers and click on the more (three dots) button.

Image 12399

2. Now select Remove.

Image 12400

Exploring cards blocked by you

If you're the person responsible for some blockers, you will see a section called Current blockers.

Image 12401

Here you can see all blockers for which you're responsible.

Image 12402

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