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Document templates

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Create documents directly inside of cards or create a corporate repository of document templates for your enterprise and combine selected document templates with document groups in card templates so next time when someone wants to create a document in a card she does not have to start from scratch or spend time looking for that one document template, it will be just a click away.

Here's how you can enable document templates.

Make sure you have the Document sources role configured.

Creating document template sources

Go to KanBo settings.

Image 12175

Now select Document templates sources.

Image 12176

Add a new one.

Image 12177

Add a name and a link to the document library.

Click on Add to finish.

Image 12178

Adding a document template source to the board

Open a board and go to Settings.

Image 12179

Select Document template sources.

Image 12180

Now you can add Document template sources to this board.

Image 12181

Let's add the one we created earlier.

Image 12182

Now it's added to the board.

Image 12183

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