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Document Folder in Cards

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Table of Contents

  1. Adding document folder to a card
  2. Managing folder contents from a card

You can attach an existing folder to a card and use it to manage your documents.

Adding document folder to a card 

1. Open the card. Press "+ Add element" and select "Document folder".

Image 13542

2. Select previously created folder you would like to use.

Image 13550

3. Select a custom name if needed.

Image 13544

4. Now you can see the contents of the folder inside the card.

Image 13545

Managing folder contents from a card

After pressing at three dots on the top right corner you will see more options. You can go to the source folder at Kanbo Sharepoint, remove the folder from your card or enter the Settings.

Image 13546

On the Settings window you can change the selected folder, choose the number of items presented in the card view or add allowed document templates.

Image 13548

When you hover over a file, three dots will appear on the right. You can select from options for that file.

Be careful! Deleting a file here will make it disappear from the whole Board.

Image 13547

Learn how to set automatic folder definitions from the card template

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