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KanBo Error: 401 (On-Premise Installation)

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Kanbo Log File shows 401 Error (On-Premise Installation)

If you are getting an error message like this in KanBo, please check the KanBo Log File for further information about it

Image 12726

Security        ERROR | User authentication postback failed (233a0d67-2dc2-412f-92ae-e6035da90522):
System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

If the KanBo Log File shows you an 401 Error, please be sure to check the Issuer ID within your web.config file. Most likely it is not correct.

You can find the Issuer ID in your certificate, the following picture is showing you the details.

Image 12714

Additionally, please check also the expiration date of your High Trust Certificate, you can do this directly within the Certificate Details or also you can follow the instructions in this article here

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