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Add links to Board collections

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You can add custom links from external resources/pages to your Board collection.

To add a link, click on the +Add board button.

Image 6419

Now choose if you wish to add a new board or a link. Choose add link.

Image 6420

Now add a link’s name and address and confirm by clicking on Add.

Image 6665

The link is now visible on your KanBo Home.

Image 6664

To modify the link, hover over the link and click on more (three dots) button.

Image 6666

Now you can choose to change it or remove it.

Image 6668

While clicking on Change, you can modify the link's name or address.

Image 6418

You can arrange your Board Collection to have a mix of links and boards in one Board group. Simply use Drag&Drop on links and boards to arrange it to your needs.

Image 6663

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