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Creating new Document Folders in Document Libraries created by KanBo with Power Automate

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1. Go to and create a new flow.

2. In “new step”, go to custom and select Your KanBo connector

Image 12982

3. Pick “Get Board Default Document Source URL” and choose the board (or use the Board ID) that the Document Folder Should be added to.

Image 12983

4. Next, look for the “Get all lists and libriaries” operation and add it to the flow

Image 12984

5. In “Site Address” choose “Enter Custom Value”

Image 12985

And choose the “Site URL” variable

Image 12986

Image 12987

6. As a next step, go to “Control” and add a Conditional Branch

Image 12988

Image 12989

7. For the condition, choose the “DisplayName” value

Image 12990

After that, the whole conditional branch will be put into an “Apply to each” Action.

Image 12991

In the second “Choose a value”, type in “Documents”.

The final Conditional branch should look like this:

Image 12992

8. In the “If yes” branch, add the “Create new folder” operation

Image 12993

9. In Site address, use the same “Site Url” variable You used in step 5.

Image 12994

In “List or Library” choose “Name”

And in the folder path, type the Name of the folder (if needed, type the path in which the folder should be created)

The final action should look like this:

Image 12995

10. After that, save the and run the flow.


Image 12996


Image 12997

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