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Adding the KanBo Modern Webpart to Your SharePoint Site

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You can add the KanBo Modern Webpart to as many SharePoint pages as you like, even multiple times if you need to display different Boards or Board Views on the same SharePoint Page. 

First you have to make sure that the KanBo Modern Webpart has been added to your SharePoint. For more information please check out this article:

1. Navigate to the SharePoint Site Collection where you want to display your KanBo content in.

Image 13085

2. Click on the settings icon in the top right and go to “Add an app”

Image 13086

3. Find “KanBo Modern Webpart” and click on “Add”

Image 13087

4. After that, this message should show up

Image 13088

Go back to the SharePoint Site

5. Click on edit

Image 13089

6. Move Your mouse below the “Documents section” to reveal a plus button. Click it.

Image 13092

7. Click on “KanBo Modern Webpart”

Image 13093

8. Now we need to configure our webpart. Press the edit icon on the left of the box

Image 13094

9. Choose the Board and Board View

Image 13095

10. Now Your webpart has loaded!

Image 13097

Click on “republish” to make the changes available to everyone.

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