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Folder Definitions in Card Templates

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating the folder definition in a card template
  3. Setting the folder definition details
  4. Using automatic folder definition


Whenever you have a requirement that all documents contained by a card should be stored separately from documents created or contained by other cards, then Folder Definitions is the way to go in KanBo.

This Functionality allows you to dynamically create document folders at any hierarchical level of your Document Structure in your KanBo Board. When you create a Card Template that outlines the content structure of a particular Card, you can also have a new Document Folder created for every new card using that Card Template. The name of the Document Folder will be dynamically built based on the name of the card you are just creating and some other elements you can configure.

Please note that you can have as many Folders and Folder Definitions in a card or card template respectively. Creating a card out of a card template that has many Folder Definitions can create multiple folders at different hierarchical levels of your Board Document Structure at once.

Creating folder definition in a card template

1. Open Board settings.

Image 13530

2. Select Card templates.

Image 13518

3. Choose template you need for folder definition.

Image 13519

4. Press "+ Add element" and select "Document folder definition".

Image 13537

5. Select the location of your new folders.

Image 13540

6. Enter the name that will be used only inside the card for that document folder after it will be created during the card creation.

Image 13541

Done. Now after creating a new card using this template the folder will be created automatically.

Setting the folder definition details

1. Go to settings and define name details.

Image 13522

2. Here you define how the name of the folder that will be created based on the folder definition will look like. The name of the document folder consists of the following elements:

Prefix + Name of the Card + Suffix + Card ID

You can set folder definition name prefix and suffix for the name. You can leave the prefix and/or the suffix empty if you do not need them. You can decide whether KanBo should append the ID of the card that is being created to the folder name or not.

Image 13539

The two other settings: Show max items and Allowed document templates are the same as in Document Folder.

Using automatic folder definition

Now after creating a card using this template, a folder corresponding to that card will be created.

Image 13526

A field related to the folder immediately appeared in the card.

Image 13532

Names of the new folders contains previously specified sufix. The new folders are located inside the earlier selected folder.

Image 13538

Need more? Learn how to define document templates.

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