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Kanban View

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Create a Kanban view
  3. Kanban Swimlanes
  4. Delete a Kanban view


Kanban board is the first Board view you see in KanBo. When you create a new Board, you begin with the default Kanban view and three empty lists grouped by statuses

Statuses indicate progress of completing a card. Each column has different meaning and defines a specific stage of a workflow. Cards represent tasks to be performed in the project.

Image 14090

Performing your work with the use of cards and statuses lists will give you opportunities for later efficiency analysis

The type of lists used at Kanban view represents the card features and statuses are only one of them. You can change card grouping option from statuses to labels or users for example.

Create a new Kanban view

When a new Board is created, standard Kanban view with grouping by statuses and Chat view are already generated. Remember that you can always add another one Kanban view.

1. Press + button to add a new view.

+ button highlighted to add a new view to the Board.

2. Select the Kanban option and enter a name. Please note that you can add as many views of this kind as you need. You can decide if they are personal (or not). 

3. Press Add to confirm.

A window for creating a new view with field to enter a name and choose the view type.

 TIP   Adjust this view to your needs using lists settings and display settings.

Kanban Swimlanes

You can change a default horizontal card grouping into two-dimensional grouping. Read more about Kanban Swimlanes and how to create them.

Kanban view with status lists changing to Kanban Swimlanes by adding vertical grouping by lists.

How to delete a Kanban view?

If you don't like your Kanban view anymore, feel free to delete it.

1. Hover over a three dots on the Table view button.

2. Select Delete option.

Image 13889

Relax, this action will not delete your cards.

 NOTE  If the Board has only one view, you cannot delete it.

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