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Follow a Status

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Table of Contents

  1. Follow a Status
  2. Unfollow a Status

Follow a Status Image 14189

You can follow a Card Status to receive notifications from all activities that took place in a card that is currently on this Status list.

1. In order to follow the status press three dots button at the list name bar.

Pressing three dots button at the status list

2. Select Follow position from the list settings menu.

Pressing follow button from the list menu.

Now you will see an eye icon on the left side of the Status list. It confirms that this Status is followed by you.

Image 13987

Unfollow a Status

You can easily unfollow Status list you once followed.

1. Press three dots button to open list settings.

2. Select Unfollow position.

Pressing unfollow button at the list menu.

The eye icon will be gone.

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