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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Group cards by Lists
  3. Add a new List


Lists are one of the card features that can be really helpful in organizing your work. It is a perfect way for setting categories to your Board because every card can be assigned to one List only

List icon Grey icon consists of two card-like rectangles one below the other and a short line above them. represents two cards grouped in one column - list.

Your Lists can be visible as lists (with card grouping by Lists option) or as a card detail (you can add it in Display settings). 

Image 14200

Card grouping by Lists at Kanban view (above) and List view (below).

List view with card grouping by Lists. There are three lists: Unassigned, Company's internal needs and Electricity production.

 NOTE   Every card can be assigned to one List only.

Grouping by Lists

Select Lists position from the card grouping menu. 

Card grouping menu with List option highlighted.

This option is available at:

     NOTE  Try also two-dimensional grouping option called Kanban Swimlanes. This way you can group cards by Lists and e.g. Statuses at the same time.

    Add a new List

    1. Go to Kanban view and set card grouping by Lists option. There will be only one List at first - Unassigned. Before you create new Lists and move cards to them, all cards are waiting in Unassigned List.

    2. Press + Add list button on the right next to existing lists. 

    Image 13817

    3. Set the name and color of the new List.

    Window with 16 colors and to choose and place for setting a name.

    4. Press Add to confirm.

    Learn more about lists:

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