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Display Settings

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Card details
  3. Expand children cards
  4. Hide empty lists
  5. Save the changes


Display settings can personalize your Board view. Use them to mark what you want to see and hide what is unnecessary.

You can change the appearance of: by selecting different options at the display settings menu.

Display settings are located on the top right corner of a Board.

Display settings are located at the top right corner of the Board.

The example below shows the Kanban view display settings where you can decide whether to show:

child cardsempty groups or timeline. You can also add or remove card details.

See more card details (or less)

If you want to have more precise information about cards at one glance, add details from the menu. Details are connected to dates, ListsStatuses, Labels and card relations.
1. Add a card details

Go to display settings and select + Add card detail. Choose needed postions.

Changing card details at the board view settings by adding age and due date.

2. Remove a card details

Hover over a card detail on a display settings list and press three dots. Here you find a button to Remove it.

Expand children cards

There is an option to show whole child cards connected with a card at the board.

User list with one card assigned.

All you need is go to the Display settings. After activation of Expand children cards option you can see all the children cards under the parent card.

User list with one card assigned and 4 child card related to that card visible.

You can hide children cards in exactly the same way.

Hide empty lists

Sometimes you might have empty groups like Unassigned, that can take up space on your Board.

Try to hide them using Image 14088 collapsing button or Hide empty groups option at the display settings menu.

Kanban Board in KanBo with four label lists. First of them named No labels are empty. After clicking a minus icon it collapses. Then after choosing Hide empty groups from the Display settings it disappears.

Remember to save the changes

If any modification is applied to an existing view you will see the notification about unsaved changes. It appears at the top of the Board.

Image 14089

If you want to keep the changes, select Save option. If you choose to Discard your recent steps, the view will not be overridden with changes.

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