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Create a Card Template

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Table of Contents

  1. Create a new card template
  2. Create a card template from an existing card

Create a new card template

Create a card template for your cards.

1. Open the Board and press three dots to open the menu.

Image 14124

2. Go to Image 13915 Settings.

3. Select Image 14122 Card templates.

4. Press + Add button.

5. Type a name and press Create.

Now enter your card template to set the details. As you can see, card template resembles usual card. Adding elements and features looks exactly the same. The blue sign next to the name of the card informs that it is a card template.

Image 14162

Create a card template from an existing card

You can use an existing card to create the template. New cards will gain its features. There are two ways of doing it. Remember that not every card detail can be included in a template.
1. Create a card template at a card

Basic way to create a template using existing card.

1. Enter a card you would like to create a template from. 

2. Press tree dots button.

3. Select Image 14134 Create template.

Image 14161

3. Figure out a name for your template.

Image 14125

4. Click on Create to finish. Your template is ready to use.

2. Create a card template at Board view

There is a faster way to create a card template. You don't even have to enter the card.

1. Open the quick actions menu at desired card.

2. Press three dots button for more.

3. Select Image 14134 Create template.

Image 14163

3. Keep in mind that not all card details will be considered

The following rules applied to cards created from such a template:

  • features that will be copied:
    • Card Elements (notes, todo lists, documents)
    • Card Features (date dependencies, labels and lists)
  • features that won't be copied:
    • users (members)
    • card status
    • card activity stream
    • sub card groups and relations

 NOTE  A document in a card created with such a template is the same document as in the source card. It's just attached now also to the card created out of this template. You can check it with card references.

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