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How to Work with Card Templates

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What do you need to know before the start?
  3. How to work with card templates?


Learn to use KanBo to its full potential. One of its strengths is a card template.

Together with document folder definition and document templates you can build the structure of company documents library. KanBo gives you opportunity to create complex repository. You can create documents right from the card level and be sure that they are in a proper place.

The following diagram shows a simplified model of using these features. Board can represent a company department with adequate documents and tasks as a cards

Image 14167

Some documents are based on the same construction, wherefore they can be created using templates. This also applies to the tasks that are similar to each other. Why not create a whole workflow pattern?

Grab something to drink and let's go!

What do you need to know before the start?

Before you start, find out if you have document template source added. If you don't, you need to have Document Sources role assigned as a user to be able to add it.

There are 5 main steps in this guide:

First: setting

1. Create a card template

2. Add document folder definition in the card template

3. Declare allowed document templates

Second: working

4. Create a card using template

5. Create a new document from the allowed document templates in the document folder

How to work with card templates?

Card templates are for creating the pattern of the workflow. Use them to your regular work. 

Go through the steps needed to build the structure from the example below.

Image 14175

1. Create a card template

Check how to create it.

2. Enter a card template and set the document folder definition

Look at the guide about automatic document folder definition in a card template.

Image 14145

3. Add allowed document templates

Now, when you are at a card template with document folder definition set, you can choose allowed document templates for your future cards.

1. Go to document folder's Image 14168 Settings

Image 14135

2. Press Image 14169 Allowed document templates.

3. Press + Add and select document templates you want to be allowed for this folder. It will be available at every card created using this template.

4. Mark every document template you may need and press + Add selected to confirm your choice.

Image 14138

Now when all is set you can start regular work.

4. Create a card using the template

There are two ways to get it:

Create a new card with this template or apply this card template to an existing card.

You can see the field related to your previous action on the right.

Image 14170

5. Create a new document using allowed template

The last step is creation of the document that will be based on prepared and chosen document template.

1. Enter a card based on that template.

2. Press on + Add document at the document folder.

Image 14141

4. Select Image 14174 Add new document from template.

3. Select one of allowed document templates.

Image 14142

4. Type a name and press on Add to confirm. This would be a real name for the file.

Image 14139

Done. New document based on the document template appeared in the card folder.

Image 14143

As the document is made, you can find also it at Board documents section. Note the difference between folder name in a card and its real name which contains a card name.

Image 14144

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