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Rich text

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You can use Rich Text format in many features of KanBo.

Rich text is available to use in:

You can make your text bold, italic or underlined.

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You can mark a quote in your text.

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You can add a numeration and punctuation in your messages and notes

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You can also add checklists to your Note and mark/unmark them.

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Adding links

You can add shortened links to your messages. To add a shortened link, simply click on the link button in a rich text editor, choose an URL and name for a link.

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Image 6938

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Links are handled in KanBo in 2 ways:

If the link is external (leading to page out of KanBo), it will be opened in a new tab of a browser.

If the link is internal (leading to a page inside of KanBo, i.e.another Card, Board etc.), it will be opened in the same tab of a browser. links leading to cards and boards in your internal KanBo will be marked with a special icon. Once you click on them, they will be loaded more quickly.

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Drag & Drop users to a Rich Text Field

What's more, you can now move users to a Rich text field by using Drag&Drop. When this action is completed, the user will get mentioned.

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