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Start date

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Start date allows indicating a date to start your task. You can appoint an exact term to complete a task by creating a Start date and a Due date to a card.

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When a start date is due, it will be marked with red color in a Card. It will be also shown as a red dot on a Timeline. This will only happen when the card has the status inherited from a Role "Not Started".

In Analytics this card will also be interpreted as Late.

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Add a Start date

To add a Start date in a card, click on Add date button and select a Start date. 

Choose a date and an hour for your Start date. Save these values.

Dates in light and dark blue background indicate a present day and a Due Date you chose.

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Change a Start date

To change a Start date, click on a date. Choose the desired date and save these values.

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Remove a Start date

To remove a Start date, click on the following button in the Start date field and select Remove.

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