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Card Statuses

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Card statuses are one of the first thing you see in KanBo. When you create a new board, you begin with the default Kanban view and empty statuses lists. Statuses indicate progress of completing a card. Learn how to adjust it to better suit your project.

Default Kanban view

After you create a new board, three statuses lists will appear to your eyes: "To Do", "Doing" and "Done". 

Image 13565

When you decide to add a new card right from this view by pressing a round "+" button, you can choose its initial status.

Remember Every card can be assigned to only one status at a time.

Adding a new status

You can add new statuses, give them meaning and change their color. Find "+ Add card status" button and press it to open the definition menu.

Image 13570

Here you can set the name, colour and the role of the new status.

Image 13571

After completing all fields select "Add" button to save your status.

Status roles

Roles are to help you with organisation of your tasks. It shows what stage your tasks are. You can select it from the drop down menu.

Image 13569

You can choose from 4 different status options:
  • Not started - The initial status by default. It points to tasks that are not currently performed.
  • In progress - This status serves to indicate that a card is already in progress of completing it.
  • Completed - This is a status indicating completition of the card. 
  • Information - A place to locate cards that contain important information but are not executable.

Changing the name of the status

Hover over the name and type your own description. Press save button to confirm the changes.

Image 13566

Changing the color of the status

Press three dots on the name bar to open the menu. Here you can change the color of the status. Choose from 16 different options.

Image 13568

Changing the order of statuses

There are two places where you can change the order of statuses. First of them is the board menu.
Press three dots at the top bar and select "Card statuses" position.

Image 13576

To change the order of Card statuses, simply drag and drop your status to the desired place.

Image 13574

Another way is simple dragging and dropping at the board view.

Image 13575

Changing the default status

Every card must have a status assigned to it. When you create a new card, it gets default status at first. You can set any status as the default one. To set status as default, click on the more button next to the name of the status. Select "Set as default".

Image 13573

One of the statuses has a flag "default" which means that this status will be the initial one.

Changing status of a card

There are several ways to make a status change. You can change it on the Kanban view by draging a card and dropping it at different status list.

Image 13578

Other method is changing the status directly on a card view. Enter a card. Select the desired status button and click on one of the statuses in the menu.

Image 13577

There are some special cases regarding status of role "Information". This status might be used for cards which have an informational role. As it does not represent the progress of completing a card, this status is not visualized in a card. It will not be shown in the progress of a card.

Image 13579

Status roles

Completed - this role indicates that a card has been completed. Cards with this status will be marked as completed in Analytics and there will be indicated inside of a card about its completion.

A role for status might appear many times or none. You can choose multiple statuses to share the same Role.

Also, completion of a Card is determined by the Completed role of any Status (if a Card has a status which has the Completed role it means that this Card is completed).

In the example below, you can see that there is one status with role Not started, 4 statuses with role In Progress and 2 statuses with role Completed.

Image 11985

 Setting a Card status as completed.

You can set your Card status as completed which means this status will be a final one by default. It also means that all Cards with this status will be marked as completed.

Cards with this status will be marked as completed in Analytics and there will be indicated inside of a card about its completion.

You must change this status role to Completed. You can choose multiple statuses to have Completed role.

Image 11990

Filter cards by Card statuses

You can use Board filter to search for exact cards. Statuses can be used for filter.

Image 11978

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