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Card Statuses

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Add a new status
  3. Status roles
  4. Status list settings
  5. Changing status of a card
  6. Changing the order of statuses
  7. Linearity of card statuses
  8. Default status
  9. Filter cards by card statuses
  10. Delete a status
  11. Card statuses in the context of Board Analytics


Card status is a feature which tells you about the progress of card realization. 

Card statuses are one of the very first thing you see in KanBo. After creating a new Board you begin with the default Kanban view and empty status lists. Learn how to adjust it to better suit your project.

After creating a new Board, three statuses lists will appear to your eyes: "To Do", "Doing" and "Done". 

Default view in a new Board in KanBo. Kanban view with three empty statuses lists.

These lists are ready to be filled with cards. When you decide to add a new card right from this view by pressing a round + button, you can choose its initial status.

 NOTE   Every card can be assigned to only one status at a time.

How to add a new status?

You can add new statuses and give them meaning.

1. Make sure that you are at Kanban view with card grouping by statuses option selected.

2. Find + Add card status button and press it to open the definition menu.

Image 14087

3. Here you can set the name, color and the role of the new status.

Creating new status list menu with options to select a name, role and color.

4. After completing all fields select Add to save your status.

Status roles

Roles are to help you with organisation of your tasks. It shows what stage your tasks are. You can change it any time.

1. Go to status list settings by pressing three dots at the status name bar.

Image 14086

2. Select it from the drop down menu and press Add to confirm.

Selecting status roles. Menu has four options: Information, Not started, In progress and Completed.

You can choose from 4 different status options:
  • Not started - The initial status by default. It points to tasks that are not currently performed.
  • In progress - This status serves to indicate that a card is already in progress of completing it.
  • Completed - This is a status indicating completion of the card. 
  • Information - A place to locate cards that contain important information but are not executable.

Status list settings

Card status in fact is a list. When you need to change its name, color, description or more, go to list settings.

Image 14085

Changing the status of a card

There are several ways to make a status change.

1. You can change it on a Board view by dragging a card and dropping it at different status list.

Draging a card from one status list and dropping at another what results in changing its status.

2. Other method is changing the card status directly on a card view

Enter a card. Find the card progress line. Select the desired status and simply click on it.

Changing status from In approval to Not started by clicking an icon on the progress line inside the card.

3. Another way is pressing card status icon on a Board view and selecting an option from the drop-down menu.

Changing card status by selecting an option from the card drop-down menu with 7 statuses to select.

Changing the order of statuses

There are two places where you can change the order of statuses.

1. Changing the order of statuses by dragging and dropping at the board view

This is the easiest way. Just grab a list and move it at a new position.

Changing the order of statuses by dragging and dropping a whole status list at the Kanban view

2. Changing the order of statuses at the Board menu

This way is comfortable when there are many status lists.

1. Press three dots at the top Board bar.

2. Select Image 14079 Card statuses position.

Board menu with many options to select and Card statuses option highlighted.

3. To change the order of card statuses, simply drag and drop your status to the desired place.

Changing the order of statuses by dragging and dropping at the board menu

Linearity of card statuses

Role of the statuses is to show progress of every card realization. The progress line can consist of as many steps as needed to finally complete the task.

Card progress line with status In progress active

As you see, a role for status might appear many times or even none. You can choose multiple statuses to share the same role. In this example, you can see that there is one status with role Not started, 4 statuses with role In Progress and one statuses with role Completed. There is also one Informational status. 

7 card statuses listed at the board menu

There are some special cases regarding status of role "Information". This status might be used for cards which have an informational role. As it does not represent the progress of completing a card, this status is not visualized in the progress line.

Card progress line with no status active

Changing the default status

Every card must have a status assigned to it. When you create a new card, it gets default status at first. You can set any status as the default one. 

1. To set one status as default, hover over it and click on the three dots next to the name of the status. 

2. Select Set as default.

Changing the default status at the board menu by hovering over the specific status and pressing three dots which causes appearing of menu with Set as default option.

Now this status has a flag Default which means that this status will be the initial one.

Filter cards by card statuses

You can use Board filter to search for exact cards. Statuses can be used for filtering.

Using filtering by statuses in the Kanban view. After applying a filter all other cards disappearing.

How to delete a status?

You can delete a status without loosing your cards.

Card status in fact is a list. The simplest way to remove it is just deleting status list.

Card statuses in the context of Board Analytics

Last but not least, thanks to statuses you can summarize your work using Board Analytics.

Board Analytics chart showing Cumulative flow for statuses.

 TIP  If you want to keep up with changes try following a Status.

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