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Document Group in a Card

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Add a document group
  3. Add documents to the group
  4. Remove documents from the group
  5. Change the order of document groups
  6. Move documents between the groups
  7. Hide the group
  8. Remove the group


Document group is a feature allowing you to keep all card documents in your own arrangement. Now you can collect sets of documents which have been added to a card and group them by any condition, for example by their type or purpose. Documents will be gathered in a form of separate groups and visible on a card.

Unlike folders, groups exist only in cards. Changing its content has no impact on the source libraries. They was created for your convenience. The same document can be stored in multiple groups. Collect documents which are important for you and organize them as you need.

When you add a document group to the card, it will be visible in the card elements section on the right side.

Image 14026

Add a document group

1. Open a card.

2. Click on + Add new element in the top right corner of the card.

3. Select Document group.

Image 13941

4. Enter a name for a Document group and click on Add.

Add documents to the group

When you add documents to a card where a document group is created, they will be automatically placed in this group. If you create more groups, documents added further will be placed in a successive document group. 

1. Click on + Add Document at the document group.

Image 14029

2. Select whether you would like to: 

  • upload it from your computer
  • add existing document from Board's documents 
  • create a new one, blank documents of selected type:
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
  • create a document with a document template.

Image 13946

3. To add existing document, mark all you need and click on + Add selected

Image 13947

Remove document from the group

1. To remove a document from a document group in a card (without deleting it permanently), click on three dots button next to a document's name.

2. Select Detach.

Image 14028

If you select Delete option, document will be completely deleted with all its references.

Change the order of document groups

Organize documents in your own system by changing the order of groups and other elements. 

Use drag and drop.

Image 13950

Move documents between the groups

You can move particular documents between Document groups or change order of them.

Use drag and drop.

Image 13949

Hide document group

When your document groups take too much of your card's space, you can collapse them by clicking on arrow button. The same activity is needed to expand the group again.

Image 13951

After collapsing a group you will be presented with statistics: 

  • Image 13955 number of documents in a document group
  • Image 13954 date of the most recently updated document.

Remove document group

Two steps to remove a document group from a card. This action will not delete documents from the Board.

1. Press on the three dots button next to a group's name.

2. Select Remove.

Image 14027

Go to Document Folder in a Card a decide what meets your needs better.

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