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Document groups

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Document groups is a new KanBo feature allowing you to keep all documents in a Card in order. Now you can collect sets of documents which have been added to a Card and group them by any condition, for example by their type or purpose.

Documents will be gathered in a form of separate groups and visible on a Card.

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Adding a Document group

To add a Document group, click on Add new element and select Document group.

Enter a name for a Document group and click on Add.

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Adding documents to a Document group

When you add documents to a Card where a Document group is created, these documents will be placed in this certain Document group.

When you create a second (and next) Document group, documents added further will be placed in a successive Document group.

You can click on + Add Document to select whether you would like to add existing document from board's documents or create a new one.

To add existing document, select one and choose to Attach to the card.

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You can create documents right away using + Add document and then Add new Word/Excel/PowerPoint document. This will create new, blank documents of selected sort.

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Removing documents from a Document group.

To detach a document from a Document group in a card, click on button next to a document's name. Select Detach.

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Changing order of Document groups

You can change order of Document groups and other elements by using drag and drop.

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Moving documents between Document groups

You can move particular documents between Document groups or change order of them by using drag and drop.

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Collapsing Document groups

When your Document groups take too much of your Card's space because of their amount or length, you can collapse them by clicking on button.

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You will be presented with statistics: numer of documents in a Document group and a date of the most recently updated document.

Removing Document group

To delete a Document group from a Card, click on the button next to a group's name and select Remove.

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