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Invite External Users to KanBo (Office 365)

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If your organization performs a type of work that involves sharing documents or collaborating directly with vendors, clients, or customers, then you might want to use the external sharing features of KanBo. It wil create a possibility for you to share content with people outside your organization, who do not have licenses for your Microsoft Office 365 subscription.
Note that in this case a KanBo license is consumed for the guest user.


  • You can invite external users from different companies that use Office 365 or users with Windows Live ID. If your user to be invited is using a non-Microsoft email, he needs to register it as a Live ID.
  • You need to have owner permission in a board to add external users to it.
  • To add external users, you must have the 'Adding users' KanBo role.

Sharing KanBo with the guest users

When you share a site with external users, you send them an invitation that they can use to log into your site. You can send these invitations to any email address with Microsoft Live ID. When the recipient accepts the invitation, they can log in using either a Microsoft account or a work or school account. When you share a site, you can select the type of permissions you want that person to have on the site.

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1. Open Board and Users' section.

Image 11206

2. Select Add under Visitor section.

Image 11207

3. In Guest user invitation type an email of the guest and press Invite.

Image 11208

From the invited user's perspective:

1. User will receive an email with the invitation and click on the Accept button.

Image 10616

2. He needs to accept the permissions.

Image 10617

3. In a moment, he will be redirected to KanBo.

Image 10618

4. Now he is inside the Board and can use it.

Image 11209

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