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Card activity stream (CAS)

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Every KanBo Card has it's own stream with users' activities. You will see here all messages added by users and information about their activities related to the card. 

Card's stream will contain every information about activity in a Card, but you can use sorting these activities by detail levels. Activities are also grouped by date when they were performed: Today, Yesterday, Last week, Last month, Older. 

The default detail level is Everything.

Image 11507

User's presence indicator in Card Activity Stream

When someone sees an activity, his icon is located on the right side of a message/action.  Users who are currently seeing actions with you will be indicated with a blue blinking frame.

Image 11508

User's icons are draggable - you can Drag&Drop them to comment field and mention them in your message. When you hover over a person's icon, you will see the date when this person was last seen on a card. On click on the icon, you will see all actions corresponding to a user, i.e.: MyBoard, Show Profile.

Image 11509

Typing Indicator in Card Activity Stream

When the other user is typing, you will see the following sign next to the Messages box.

Image 11510

Everything detail level 

At this level everything that is a board or card activity is being shown:

Image 11511

Relevant detail level

At this level, you will see a mix of most relevant card activities (adding a member, moving card through lists etc.) including comments (default). Other actions will be shown as icons. See the guide for icons indicating user's actions here.

Image 11512

Comments detail level

 At this level, the user will only see comments and other activities will be marked as icons.

See the guide for icons indicating user's actions here.

Image 11513

To change the detail level in a card, select the detail level in the section on the top of the card’s stream. 

To see exact dates of Activities, please hover your cursor over a KanBo date (i.e. 7 days ago, 1 month ago, 1 year ago) and you will see the exact date and hour of every action.

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