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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Explore Board documents section
  3. Create folders and upload documents
  4. Document source
  5. Edit a document
  6. References
  7. Delete documents or folders


Documents are integral part of work. Therefore, you can take them with you into the KanBo world. Every document which appears in a card, occurs in Board documents section too. 

All these files have a source at SharePoint Document Library which is generated during the Board creation. Every KanBo Board has its own Document Source.

Explore Board documents section

Open the Board documents section and see your files and folders.

1. Go to the Board menu by pressing three dots next to the Board's name.

2. Select Documents.

Image 14216

The pop-up window with all documents added to this Board will appear to your eyes. 

Image 14217

Create folders and upload documents

You can manage your documents from the Board level by creating new folders and uploading documents from your hard drive. At the top of Board documents window you can see three buttons: New folder, Upload and Refresh.
Create a new folder

1. Select + New folder if you need to create a separate folder for new documents.

Image 14219

2. Write a folder name and press Add.

You can now enter it and start adding files.

Upload a new document

1. Choose Upload when you have some files on your hard drive that are needed here on this Board.

Image 14220

2. Browse your device, select a file and press Open.

You will see a progress bar and confirmation of adding a file in the upper right corner of the Board.

Select Refresh if you want to see the last changes at this section.

 NOTE  There are some characters that cannot be present in the files name. When you upload a document containing not supported characters, you see a notification and have to decide if KanBo can change a file name for you.

Document source

Every KanBo Board has its own Document Source. You can open it in a browser or even change it (if a Document Source is attached to the Board). 

 NOTE  Only users with Document Sources role added can change the Document Source.

Select Image 14225 Go to source to open your SharePoint Library.

Image 14218

Go to Document Sources to learn more.

Edit a document

Change a name
Remember, changing the name of any document here affects the source document name.

1. Press a three dots button over a document name.

2. Select Rename and type a new name.

Image 14008

Edit a file

In On-Premise environments, you can just click on a editable document and it will be opened in Word/Excel etc.

1. Hover over a document and hit a three dots button.

2. Select Open. Your document will be opened online.

Image 14007

3. Make changes to the file.

4. Save changes. This feature uses a native SharePoint document versioning functionality. 

Co-authoring simplifies collaboration by enabling multiple users to work productively on the same document without intruding on one another's work or locking one another out. This functionality works both in Word Online and Word in Browser.

Image 14223

Image 14224

See references

You can easily see to which cards a document is attached to.

1. Hover over a document and click on three dots button next to its name.

2. Choose References.

Image 14221

3. Now you see every card which contains this document. Its modification will cause changes at these places too.

Image 14063

Delete documents or folders

When you decide to delete a document or folder, it will be clear out from everywhere, even the source folder at SharePoint library.

1. Press on three dots next to document's or folder's name.

2. Select Delete.

Image 14222

3. If you sure about that, press Delete on a pop-up window to confirm your choice.

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