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Documents section

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Explore Documents

Enter Documents in the advanced menu in a Board.

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You will be presented with all documents added to a Board.

All Documents in a Board get added to a particular Document Source in KanBo. Every KanBo Boards has its own Document Source.

Image 11758

Change Document Source for Board

You can change a Document Source to view its documents (if a Document Source is attached to a Board).

Image 11759

Upload a new document

Click on Upload button to upload a new file into Documents section. Click on Refresh to see a freshly added Document in Documents lists.

Image 11760

Image 11761

Create folders for documents

Create a new folder and add Documents to it. You can also create new folders for Board in a Document section. Simply click on + New folder button.

Image 11762

Write a folder name and click Add.

Image 11763

You can now enter it and start adding files.

Image 11764

Once you enter a folder, you will have Breadcrumb navigation through the Documents section.

Image 11765

To remove a folder, go back to Documents section and hover over a folder. Select three dots button and then, select Delete.

Image 11766

Attachments folder

This folder is created automatically by KanBo once you transfer your emails to become Cards, using KanBo Outlook App.

Once you enter this folder, you will see many sub-folders, each one containing data and documents from your transferred email.

Image 11767

Uploading new documents with not supported characters

Simply click on Upload to add new documents.
Once you upload a new document, containing not supported characters, a communicate will appear. Now you can move forward and upload the document with corrected name – KanBo will change the name for you.

Image 11768

Documents actions

You can click on 

Image 3246

button next to Document's name to open it in browser, download it, see it's references or delete a Document.

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