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Synchronize KanBo with Outlook Calendar and Outlook Tasks

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How to enable the Outlook Calendar and Outlook Tasks synchronisation

1. Go to MyBoard. Select Settings and choose Settings.

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Then select Outlook Sync.

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2. Choose Outlook Sync Targets. You can choose that Cards added to MyBoard will be added as Tasks or Appointments to Outlook.

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  • Adding Card as an Outlook Task.

Cards will be added as Tasks to Outlook Tasks once you select this option in Settings of MyBoard.

Add a Card equipped with dates to your MyBoard.

Now add any KanBo Card to MyBoard.

Image 10658

Go to your Outlook Tasks. You can see here a new Task added - representing a title and due date of your Card.

Image 3929

  • Adding Card as Outlook Appointment 

Cards will be added as Appointments to Outlook Calendar once you choose this option in MyBoard settings.

Add a Card equipped with dates to your MyBoard.

Image 10659

Now go to your Outlook Calendar. Now you will see an appointment represented with your Card's title as well as a Start Date and Due date coming from a Card.

Image 3921

 When a date changes in KanBo Card , date will be changed too in the Outlook Appointment.

  • Once you get an item (a new Calendar event) to the Calendar, you will see it indicated in a Timeline of your MyBoard.

Add a new event on your Calendar.

Image 3922

Enter your KanBo MyBoard. You will see this event indicated on the Timeline with a special Outlook event icon.

Image 11386

Known issues

In a scenario when you set a Due date (which is set earlier than a Start date) and Start date to an Outlook Task/event or a KanBo Card, Outlook and KanBo will behave in a special way. 

  • In case you add an Event in Outlook Calendar where Due Date is an earlier term than Start date, this event will be transferred as an Outlook event on MyBoard's Timeline. KanBo will import only a later date to a Timeline and in Outook you will see your dates rebalanced (the term will be shown as one starting from a later date to the later date).


You set an Outlook appointment to take time from 15PM (Start date) to 11AM (due date) on 12/11/2017. 

In Outlook, the Appointment will look as it takes time from 15PM to 15PM. The freshly imported Outlook event on MyBoard's Timeline will be set to 15PM. 

  • In case you add a Due date (earlier than Start date) and Start date to a KanBo Card and add this Card to MyBoard, this will be imported to Outlook as an Appointment with a Card's title. In the appointment, Outlook will only transfer only the earlier Due date, not a later Start date from a Card.

You set dates on KanBo Card. The Start date is 11AM 11/12/2017 and Due date is 10AM 11/12/2017.
Once you set MyBoard Settings to transfer KanBo Cards as Outlook Appointments and add the mentioned Card to MyBoard, 
the date of newly created Outlook Appointment will take time from 10AM 11/12/2017 to 10AM 11/12/2017.

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