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Edit card documents

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Editing in Internet Explorer and Edge

While using Internet Explorer or Edge browsers, you can directly click on the document and then select Open in the pop-up. The document will be opened in the Edit mode in Word/Excel/PowerPoint. You can now make changes to your document and save it. Changes will be uploaded to KanBo.

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Editing in Chrome/Mozilla/Opera and other browsers

As Microsoft office does not support direct opening in office apps in any other browser than IE or Edge, in Chrome, Mozilla or any other browser, the user cannot open a document directly by clicking on it like in the Microsoft browsers.

There is an alternative way to open a document in Word from the non-Microsoft browsers.

You should select more button next to Document's name, then, select Open in Browser. Then, choose to open in Word(or PowerPoint or Excel) and the document will be opened in the client application. Now you can make your changes and they will be saved to KanBo.

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