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List's icons and sections

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This article explains icons and sections of a list as well as card tiles in a list.

Lists contain a header which is equipped with lists options and statistics. The other part is a list’s body which contains card belonging to it.

List’s header contains:

List’s title and role. Board owners can click on it to edit a list’s title.

More options. Click on the three dots button to expand them.
Here you can archive all cards in this list or follow actions in this list.

List’s description. This button appears on hover and will show you a description of this list. In case you are owner of this board, you can edit the description.

List’s statistics. The percentage indicates the completion ratio of all cards in that list. It will show you how many cards are in this list and how many tasks and subcards are completed within all cards in this list.

 -Add a new card. A button for creating new cards in the corresponding list.

List’s body contains all cards which belong to this list.


This section will explain icons while Card is being seen in a Board.

Card’s title.

Labels which are added to this card.

Indication what Card is added to your MyBoard

Indication that Card is followed by you.

Indication that Card contains a more information like a document, note or comment.

Indication how many todo items are completed versus the total number of todo items in this Card.

Indication how many are completed sub cards versus the total number of them in this Card.

Due date set to this Card.

Start date set to this card.

Avatar of a person responsible for this card with additional co-workers in this card. You can click on the number to see who else is in the card without opening the card.

Status of this card (if statuses are enabled in a Board).

Progress bar visually indicating the completion ratio for this card based on todos and sub cards.

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