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Is there a possibility of adaptation of additional features and process for change management?

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KanBo has been built in a modular way from the ground up. Some of the features like Boards, Lists, Cards and Notifications belong to the core features and cannot be removed. Most of the other features like KanBo Outlook App, Integrations with Exchange, KanBo SharePoint Webparts, Email Notifications, SharePoint Profile Synchronisations, Enabling/Disabling of Board/Card deletion are all controllable through the application settings in the web.config.

We keep developing KanBo and we listen to our customers very carefully. But you decide when you want to roll out a new version – you control the change management process. You can get new versions every month and test them or get even access to our alfa versions in order to try out new features. Again, you decide when a new version is deployed in your production. Many customers deploy every 3-6 Months depending on their infrastructure and business processes. The upcoming features are announced together with timelines via newsletters or blogs. 

There is no users / regions that need to be taken into account because there is no central KanBo installation. Every customer decides from himself if he/she wants to upgrade to the next version or skip it. Each KanBo installation regardless whether on prem or on Office 365 is controlled independently. 

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