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How does KanBo stand as a stable and independent application?

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App is stable i.e
- It has minimal/no change in its architecture, design, etc.
- App's functionality has to be consistent throughout its lifetime.
App is independent, i.e 
- App's functionality / Working of the app has no effect/any dependency on other apps in the environment, or the environment itself
- Also there is no integration with any third party components, web services, etc.

KanBo follows the philosophy of the Art of Moderation (less is more). What makes KanBo shine is the perfect balance between Usability and Complexity. KanBo is a card-centric hub for Teamwork and the CARD is in its DNA. If you believe in these principles you can rely on KanBo that it will not move a bit from these golden rules and principles. Kanban and Kaizen are the forces driving our Product Development every day. We are using KanBo to organize the Work and the Team developing KanBo every day.

KanBo can run without any other Systems like SharePoint or Active Directory. It is completely self-contained. The People Picker (AD) and the document storage (SharePoint) can be exchanged with other Plugins. KanBo is a pure .NET application that can be run standalone if needed. The perfect environment is a full-blown enterprise environment containing ADFS, Exchange 2013, SharePoint 2013, Office 2013 on clients. Of course, any higher versions of Microsoft products are also supported. There is even a procedure for Migration of KanBo over night to Office 365 from on premise including the complete content migration. The End-user will not be able to tell the difference – should you one day decide to move to the cloud. Of course, hybrid configurations are also fully supported as well with other cloud providers like AWS, Google or any local hosters.

We also have tools and procedures for disaster recovery so we can rebuild KanBo from SQL backups without any loss of data or reconnect it with a recovered SharePoint farm if it should happen to go down. 

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