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Is there any other way to authenticate than using a certificate present and API?

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We are trying to find ways to integrate Kanbo into our existing dashboard applications.

The API works fine, we are not satisfied with the need to have a certificate present.
Is there any other way to authenticate it?

It seems that it should be possible to use OAuth from Office365.

The requested scenario is not supported yet. Unfortunately, you can't (and you never will be able to) directly use OAuth from Office365. The main problem would be registering and managing trusted applications - at the moment we can't ensure that AccesToken and RefreshToken were issued for the app that's trusted by KanBo. If we allowed any requests valid for the used realm, any app for SharePoint, even from different site collection could be used to access KanBo as the current user which creates some possible attack vectors that'd allow visitor of the board to take board collection permissions with a malicious website.

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