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Is it possible to publish our KanBo deployment through TMG?

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I have a little question regarding KanBo Integration and TMG. We published KanBo trough TMG and html forms auth. TMG to SharePoint and KanBo in the NTLM. In the browser all works well, but the app can’t connect and authenticate. Which url should we use in the app? Is there is any log, where we can find out? What’s the cause of the problem? What are your guidelines to publish our KanBo deployment trough TMG?

We have never tested KanBo with TMG, we would need around a week for such tests and designing the guidelines.
the other question comes:
1) The log is configured in the web.config in “<log4net>” section. By default, it is the kanbo.log file, which is located in the same folder as the site. Apart from the kanbo.log file you might also want to check the SharePoint logs. These are the ones we usually use while looking for information about KanBo to SharePoint connectivity.
2) After doing some research, we have figured out that you should try the URL which can be found in your KanBo instances database, in the “dbo.Instances” table in the “RedirectUrl” column.

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