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Is KanBo able to export our information to Excel file or SP Lists?

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We would like to know if KanBo is able to export our information to Excel file or SharePoint List.

When we say information, we mean our boards, cards, responsible people, owners, etc.

Are you talking about one-time operation or you want to build solution for continuous data passing from KanBo to SharePoint/Excel? The crucial thing is what you want to achieve. If one time, you can connect to Azure database using Excel Power Query. You can also use KanBo Data Collector which allows you to export all Board data into Excel files. In that scenario, every sheet of Excel file will represent content of a Card in that Board (activities of users, messages, task lists, dates etc. 

You can also import SharePoint Tasks and Lists to KanBo. 

With the KanBo Data Importer you will be able to import the whole SharePoint List's structure into KanBo Board and Cards. The transfer is lossless and all List's elements will be transformed into chosen elements of KanBo. 

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