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​How does the licensing model work?

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How does the licensing model of KanBo work?

There are three types of licensing:

  • Perpetual – you buy a license per user per one-time payment, there is an additional fee for Support & Software Maintenance (free updates)
  • Subscription – you pay a certain amount per user per year, it includes Support & Software Maintenance and can be paid per quarter, half year and 1 year in advance
  • Pay per usage, every quarter you run a script that tells you how many users used KanBo and how they used it. We differentiate between three types of users in this model: Worker, Watcher and Waiter – this depends on how users are working with KanBo. There are different pricings for each type of user.

Generally, we have several pricing levels depending on the number of users. The more users you buy the less expensive a single license becomes – this applies for all three licensing models.

Read more about pricing here.

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