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What kind of data is exchanged between SharePoint and KanBo?

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Do you know what kind of data/information is exchanged between SharePoint and KanBo? Does KanBo pull any data down from SharePoint or just reads it?

In regards of what is being exchanged between KanBo and SharePoint:
- current security token (current User context) ,
- when you create a new Board, KanBo creates a new SharePoint Site based on a template you choose,
- when you add a new user to Board, KanBo adds that user to a corresponding SharePoint security group (if you remove a user from Board, KanBo removes that user from the corresponding SharePoint security group),
- all registered document libraries within KanBo are being monitored for document changes (versioning).

That is how KanBo is using/communicating with SharePoint.

The Upgrade is a simple copy of files on your IIS, where KanBo is installed.

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