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​How does KanBo stand against other project management tools? What are the differences?

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How does KanBo (as a feature) stand against Trello? What are the differences?

We know Trello and other project management tools very well. KanBo is aiming business, not consumers, like Trello and other ones do. You could see in the video on our website some features like blocking issues or integration in Active Directory or in Azure Active Directory. Since we have built KanBo to be integrated with SharePoint, you have all the things like Document Versioning, Office Integration and secure integration with SAP, CRM or other on premise systems. SharePoint as the platform for KanBo was a strategic choice because if KanBo is not enough for some business processes SharePoint certainly is and you can continue to use the features of SharePoint to tackle your special requirements. You do not need to have another environment for it – you stay on SharePoint, where your KanBo also is.

If you wish to receive a comparison between KanBo and other tools, contact>.

If you have a Trello account, you can easily transfer it's Boards and content to KanBo by using KanBo Importer.

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