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What if your company gets bought by some large corporation and you stop evolving KanBo?

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for Manager About KanBo

One of the worries we have is about the continuing of the tool. What if your company gets bought by some large corporation, for example Microsoft and you stop evolving KanBo?

In this case would my company be able to use the source code and keep using the application (only internally)?

KanBo is being developed towards the Best Collaboration Platform that can be installed on premise, in the cloud or even in hybrid mode. If some company decides to buy it, the reason for that will be to extend their own portfolio or product base. The probability that it will be discontinued is pretty low since it was paid for. We have no plans on selling the product and we are not event with at 30% of the planned road map that is only known to us so we make it pretty hard for some potential buyer to calculate the risk vs. opportunity (stealth mode).

The possibility to get the source code of KanBo would be only possible if you would buy the KanBo Product and the Trade Mark.

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