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How are we able to retain a record of the documents, comments etc. which stored in KanBo even if we no longer have a subscribtion?

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We need to be able to retain a legal record of the documents, comments, status and so on, which stored in the Kanban even if we no longer subscribe to Kanbo. For example, what if we use the software for a couple years and then discontinue our usage?  Is there a way to archive the records to a format that can exist outside KanBo? 

Retaining legal record is one of our main directions since we provide a tool for enterprise businesses. The 1.2 version of KanBo already addresses this issue because each board can be Closed securing all information that is held by a board. In version 2.2 the process of archiving of boards is extended. Another feature that might help you “sleep well” at night is the export of a Board to Excel and all files form a board to a single ZIP. Should you happen to leave KanBo or give it to someone that does not have KanBo you can access all your data in an independent format.

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