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​I can’t see boards of which I’m a member or owner of.

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I can’t see boards of which I’m a member or owner of.

This case looks as a cache related issue, which you can solve by following this instruction -

Clearing of the cache consists of 2 parts. The first is to clear the cache of your browser. The second is about clearing the local browser storage and it is a little trick. Please look for Clear local storage in this article: and follow the steps while you see the Landing Page (very important). After you see the "undefined" after you have executed localStorage.clear() in the console - just close Firefox or any other browser and the problem will be gone.

On the other hand, we do not recommend using FireFox because it does not let you open office files directly from the KanBo card. When you are using Internet Explorer or Edge (Windows 10) you will be able to open an Office document directly and you can just save it directly in the Office Application (i.e. Excel or Word) and it will be automatically saved to the SharePoint Server and to the KanBo card without having to save it locally and upload it later to the card. This convenience is only possible when using one of the Microsoft Browser. In all other browsers when you click on the file attached to a card it will be downloaded to your hard drive while creating a copy of the document from the SharePoint server. It does not lock the file on the server so others can modify it and when you upload your version you will overwrite the changes of others.

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