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Are the “done” lists automatically mark cards that are inside of it as “done”?

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I was wondering if there is a way to set up a list such as our “done” list to automatically mark cards that are inside of it as “done”.

The card can be marked as done only by the person responsible. Let’s assume that we have 4 lists: To do, Research, Doing, Done. Person X is responsible for all tasks in Research list and person Y is responsible for all cards in Doing list. When X finishes the task in card form Research lists marks card as done do person so than Y see that this card is ready to be pulled to Doing list. Next, if Y finishes tasks in the card in Doing list cards should be moved to Done list. There is no need to mark a card as done.

In KanBo 2.5 you can use Card statuses to mark a card as done in a particular way. Card statuses can indicate a process of completing a task in a Card for example in a scenario where Lists do not perform such a function. Once you enable this feature in Card status settings, they will appear on every Card in a Board.

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