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H​ow to relate in card to the other cards?

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How to relate in the card to the other cards?

In case your projects are complex, you might not be aware what are the dependencies between various Cards in your Board. Now you can set a logical relation for every Card and gain a new view of the dependencies between your work activities. Card Relations will help you group Cards related to each other and connect them.

The available relations are:

  • Parent and child.

In this relation, one card is superior to a child card, which becomes a sub card of the superior (parent) card.

  • Previous and next card.

In this relation, one card must be completed, before you can start work on the next card.

Card relations are visually indicated in the Gantt chart view of a Board.

There is the possibility of creating multiple parents for cards in their relations. In such scenarios, there can be 2 or more parent cards for one child card. This relation is also indicated in the Gantt chart.

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