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How can I note priorities or show a time or hours estimate for KanBo Cards?

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I don’t see a way to note priorities or any way to show a time or hours estimate. Is there a way to do this other than tags? The tags would be okay if they could show more than just the colored bars, but especially with the priorities I need for that to show on the card if at all possible.

Use Task Lists like this for estimates or other things that are more accurate than Labels/Categories:


o Optimistic: 2 days

o Pesimistic: 4 days

o Realistic: 3 days

You could use tags in the description field like: #customerX #NewYork to specify the cards with more attributes than just 6 labels we are providing – you can use the filter text field to hide all other cards that do not match you fitter to narrow down your view on cards

If you combine it with copy card functionality (see in section MORE on the card), you have a pretty strong tool in your hands.

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