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Is it possible to integrate OpenAM single sign-on system with KanBo and how?

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My organization uses an OpenAM single sign-on system - is possible to integrate that with KanBo and how? For example, make users log in using the single sign-on system instead of the product's own access management and create, disable or remove and deliver other user information automatically (external user management).

KanBo has been developed to support a variety of Authentication Providers and KanBo has no Authentication itself built in since it relies on the infrastructure of our customers. Since OpenAM uses OAuth v2.0/OpenID Connect , KanBo will be able to use OpemAM as AuthProvider.

We will probably need to implement some custom enhancements to sync the profiles from OpenAM but this is a minor task. Since your external Users will use OpenAM to authenticate, they will be experiencing single sign on as you would expect it.

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