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How can I test KanBo for free? Is there any trial?

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Surely, there are KanBo trials. You can test KanBo in three models.

Sandbox – it is a dedicated infrastructure where KanBo is pre-installed. This environment contains a fully configured KanBo with exemplary Boards. This is the best way to see KanBo in action. This environment is shared by many users – so please keep in mind not to post any confidential data or documents there. You can get your access here:

Trial on Office 365 – The purpose of KanBo Trial on your Office 365 gives you and your colleagues the opportunity see KanBo in action on your Office 365 environment without any costs or effort. After performing the very short installation, you can start creating boards, invite others from your organisation or from outside and collaborate in real time on Kanban cards. Additionally you can try out and enjoy KanBo’s seamless integration into the Office 365 ecosystem: SharePoint, MS Teams, Outlook, and many more You will find a installation manual here You can get a trial access by contactin us here:

Trial on your infrastructure – You can use this model if you would like to install KanBo on your premises by using your own infrastructure behind your firewall. Contact us at to receive a download package. You will find a installation manual here .

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