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I have a problem with uploading big files (EndUploadSingle error)

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for Manager for User KanBo 2.2

I have a problem with uploading big files. An error "EndUploadSingle" appears when I try to do that.

Please contact your SharePoint administrator since this is an SharePoint issue with uploading of large files. This is the link explainging what to done on your SharePoint . KanBo uploads this file to SharePoint.

We suggest a workaround.

1. Go to Board Documents on the left

2. At the top of the Docment Panel you will se "Go to Source" , click it

3. In the new tab you will see the corresponding SharePoint library, upload your file directly there using drag&drop or Upload button

4. Return to KanBo, open the card you wantent the file to upload

5 Open documents section on the left

6.You will find the file that has been uploaded to sharepoint (once the upload is done / you must refresh in KanBo) - select it and click Attach Selected at the botom

7. now you file is uploaded and attached.

The problem can be caused by overwriting of the document on the platform. When you rename a doc and then the upload it, everything should work fine.

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