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How to create the folder in the default document library automatically when I create a card?

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I want to create the folder in the default document library automatically when I create a card. We would like to have our project's documents organized. Is it possible?

No, this exact feature is not possible at this time, unfortunately.

Our recommendation is to have a single board for a single project. You could also use the Board Group Feature on KanBo Landing Page to have all your projects together. Then you could create on special Board called “Project Management” – in this board you would have each card represent a project. You would have a Note with the link to the board representing that project. You could have lists like “On Time”, “High Prio”, “Not Started”, “Late”, “Finished”, “Paid” – so moving cards through this board would give you a wonderful high level view on all projects and you could even create a checklist in cards of the High Level board that will be called Milestones and the responsible people would represent the managers or people in charge of the projects. If you would like to see the project in more detail you could just click on the link in the note and you would open a dedicated board and see everything in great detail. Your documents of all projects would also be separated because they are in separate boards.

If your projects are very small, then you might want to create the folders directly in a SharePoint Library, upload the documents there and then attach it after uploaded directly in KanBo by browsing and attaching to cards.

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